Renos Kostopoulos Fine Art Photography

About Renos

Renos photo

Renos Kostopoulos is a Fine Art photographer based in Katerini, Greece.
He started as a hobbyist on 2014.
Experimenting in almost every aspect of photography he ended up working mostly on Landscape and Portrait photography.
Only recently he started to scratch the surface of Fine Art Photography on a professional level.
Slight coloring almost monochromatic or faded is more preferable on his work but black and white is not rejected at all.

About Prints:
All prints are of the highest quality accordingly to up to date paper technology,gallery grade materials such as Innova Art paper are used to produce unparalleled quality result.
Options for framing and superb quality anti-reflective glass are available for final product delivery upon request.
20 to 30 copies of artworks are consolidated from market demand,collectors edition available upon request.
All prints are signed and delivered with certificate with varius information about the photo.
Acording to all above all decoration images are suitable for Decorating ideas,Medical office waitng rooms,offices, hotel receptions,living rooms etc.